Access, Equity, and Diversity

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Session: "Working with Autistic Colleagues, What You Need to Know about Neurodiversity and the Workplace" presented by Cecilia Pohs Buckley

Date: February 15, 2024; 1 - 2:30 pm EST

Please join us for a discussion with Cecilia Pohs Buckley, Research Associate for the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community at IU Bloomington.  Whether you are a colleague or a supervisor of someone on the autism spectrum, this workshop will give you information that will help ease communication, understanding, and support of autistic faculty and staff.  Together, we'll delve into the concepts of neurodiversity and the social model of disability, identify key characteristics of autism, and investigate some potential job accommodations.  Finally, we'll focus on the positive aspects of autism for the workplace that can benefit everyone. 

 Registration is open. Register Here


ISFAA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

ISFAA will pursue and promote, in principle and practice, the diversity and inclusion of its membership to represent the profession and the students we serve. ISFAA promotes a culture of diversity and inclusion by encouraging involvement and access regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, appearance, geographic location, professional level or institution type.

Tribal Land Acknowledgement

ISFAA would like to acknowledge that the land on which our institutions stand, the offices where we work, and the homes of those we educate stand on the historic homelands of many Native peoples, including but not limited to the Miami, Wea, Potawatomi, Delaware, Chippewa, Wyandot, Winnebago, Seneca, Kickapoo, Piankashaw, and Kaskaskia tribes. 

We honor this land’s Indigenous inhabitants, recall their losses, and call attention to the contemporary issues still faced by tribal people today. 


The ISFAA Access, Equity, and Diversity (AED) Committee publishes newsletters to inspire members to engage in AED activities.  

The Power of Language 

The language of diversity is an evolving one that requires awareness, understanding and skill much in the same way as other areas of diversity competencies. Language can be a bridge for building relationships, or a tool for creating and maintaining divisions across differences. (source)

Inclusivity with Intention

Managing Bias

  • Hate Uncycled- a program and framework for understanding and responding to bias.
  • Project Implicit-  this provides the opportunity to assess your conscious and unconscious preferences for over 90 different topics.
  • Right to Be- this site has some free training resources to help handle conflict and bias.
  • Anti-Defamation League (ADL)this website discusses anti-semitic harassment and provides information about resources available to take action.   
  • “Talking About Race” Web Portal from National Museum of African American History and Culture

Professional Resources

These resources can help you on your professional journey.  Click here to access the full list.

Important Dates to Raise Awareness

Podcasts, Videos and Book Recommendations for awareness and appreciation of diversity

These recommendations have been provided by our members which provide opportunity for learning and self-reflection. Click here to access the full list.

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