ISFAA Standing Committees

Executive Committee 


Ron Herrell


Nathan Lohr


Sara Lambie


Colby Shank



Casey Trela


Delegate At-Large 

Holli Hunter


Delegate At-Large 

Sarah Soper

Delegate At-Large 

Lauren Greider


Delegate At-Large 

Kelly McGuire


Past President

Megan Watson


Past Treasurer

Scott Thum  



Contact Information:

ISFAA President: [email protected]
ISFAA President-elect: [email protected]
ISFAA Treasurer: [email protected]
ISFAA Treasurer-elect: [email protected]


Executive Board (Includes Executive Committee)

Associate Members Commissioner

Deb Gossman


Public Relations Commissioner

Robert Sommers 


Governmental Relations Commissioner

Maralee Clayton


Training & Development Commissioner

Candice Sutliff


Internal Operations Commissioner

Sarah Owen








Committees, by Commission

Internal Operations

Archives Committee- The committee is responsible for maintaining records of ISFAA for archival purposes. They work with each committee to make sure they have documentation for historical and continuity purposes. They maintain the electronic database of documentation. 

Chair Angie Snapp


Audit Committee- The committee is responsible for auditing the documentation from the past year treasury to ensure policy and practices were maintained. 

Chair        Colby Shank


Budget & Finance Committee- The committee is responsible for the fiscal credibility and stability of ISFAA by auditing current procedures and practices of the treasury. They are responsible for submitting the budget for Executive Committee approval each year. The committee consists of the Treasurer, past Treasurer, and Treasurer-Elect. 

Chair    Scott Thum


Bylaws Committee- The committee is responsible for reviewing the Bylaws and suggesting updates to ensure the most up-to-date practices of the organization. 

Chair        Colby Shank


Membership & Ethics Committee- The committee is responsible for recruitment & retention of the membership. They are also responsible for the promotion and evaluation of ethical financial aid practices and maintenance of professionalism among members. 

Chair     Amber Phillips
Contact [email protected]


New Professional & Mentoring Committee- The committee is responsible for creating and maintaining practices regarding mentoring programs for the membership. They are also responsible for the retention of our new members through activities, communication, etc. 

Chair       Megan Watson


Nominations, Elections & Awards Committee- The committee is responsible for holding elections for opening positions on the board.  They are also responsible for selecting award recipients for ISFAA (Distinguished Service Award, New Professional Award, and Retirees Acknowledgement)

Chair       Megan Watson
Contact [email protected]



Governmental Relations

Governmental Relations Committee- The committee is responsible to educate the ISFAA membership about the legislative process, encourage the membership to effectively express their professional opinion related to creation and modification of legislation, and provide important legislative information to the ISFAA members. 

Chair     Sarah Soper
Contact [email protected]


VA Advisory Committee-  The committee is comprised of financial aid professionals from across Indiana who serve Veterans and their families by assisting them in applying for and using VA and other military service related aid. The ISFAA VA Advisory Committee maintains a listserv to share the latest developments in the field of Veterans benefits, disseminate changes in state and federal policies, and provide moral support to colleagues in this field.

Chair       Lori Sprague



Public Relations

College Goal Sunday Committee- The committee is responsible for organizing and planning statewide college Goal Sunday efforts.

Co-Chair Bill Wozniak
Co-Chair Mike McClure


Counselor Workshop Committee- The committee coordinates high school counselor workshops presented statewide with the Indiana Commission of Higher Education. 

Co-Chair Bill Wozniak
Co-Chair Stan Werne
Contact [email protected]


Website Committee- The committee is responsible for the management of the ISFAA website. This includes all areas of operation from policies for posting information, to updating content.

Co-Chair Apryl Bradley
Co-Chair Lisa Bridgewater
Contact [email protected]


Newsletter Committee- The committee is responsible for the management of the ISFAA newsletter; Published up to 4 times a year.

Chair Matt Krieg
Contact [email protected]


Financial Aid Outreach Committee- The committee is responsible for coordinating high school presentations throughout Indiana and assisting in providing materials for conducting those nights. 



Make it Real Committee- The committee organizes and runs a “Reality Store” like experience for ninth grade students in underserved Indiana high schools.

Chair Amy Hull



Training & Development

Access, Equity & Diversity Committee- The committee provides educational resources and support for the ISFAA membership and the students we serve through consistent communication, training opportunities, and the space for dialogue. 

Chair Monique Ware
Contact [email protected]


Conference Program Committee- The committee is responsible for establishing a theme for the annual conference along with the President. They work to schedule and develop sessions on topics of current interest, and recruit resource persons/presenters for the annual conference.

Co-Chair Amanda Fishman
Co-Chair Russell Tragesser
Contact [email protected]


Conference Site Committee- The committee is responsible for the physical arrangements, cost estimations, and registration process for the annual conference.

Chair Kevin Jacobs
Contact [email protected]


Leadership Symposium Committee*- Responsible for organizing and planning leadership event(s) dedicated to increasing leadership skills and member involvement in ISFAA.

Chair Lisa Bridgewater
Contact [email protected]


Support Staff Workshop Committee*- The committee is responsible to organize and develop a full day workshop as a professional development opportunity for support staff across the state. 

Chair  Monica Taylor


Long Range Site Committee- The committee investigates possible meeting sites for ISFAA events such as the President’s Retreat and the Annual Conference. The committee will negotiate services and facilities to be provided, and will be responsible for working with the president to have contracts signed.

Chair Lauren Greider


Training Committee- The committee is responsible for training activities as needed, and coordinates opportunities across the state. The committee will purchase the NASFAA Credential Training to use with the membership.

Chair Paul Friebus
Contact [email protected]



Associate Members

Pat Wilson- The committee is charged with creating a dynamic and robust fundraising strategy for the Pat Wilson Scholarship Fund, which includes a fundraising function at the annual conference. 

Chair Kelly McGuire
Contact [email protected]


Sponsorship- The committee solicits financial support from various vendors to help support the mission of ISFAA and our mission.  The committee works with partners to sponsor such things as the newsletter advertising, exhibit booths, and refreshment/meals at meetings, keynote speakers and other activities deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee. 

Chair Raina Chezem


*The Leadership Symposium Committee and the Support Staff Workshop Committee alternate every other year, except 2024 when both will be held.